SETT Anti-Chafe Rash Cream

Does your skin ever chafe? If you're a surfer, triathlete, cyclist, runner (or just love walking) you might have suffered the pain of chafed skin. SETT Skin Rash Cream uses 100% natural products, lets your skin breathe and prevents and soothes chafing.

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No oxybenzone, avobenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, homosalate, octisalate, parabens or weird stuff here.


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Our products don't harm coral reefs or aquatic life because they contain natural mineral UV filters.


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why choose sett?

Jojoba Oil, Kalahari Melon Oil and Aloe Vera are natures solution to hydrating and moisturising skin. They are also packed with healing properties and antioxidants.

Our sunscreens don't contain any chemicals which harm coral reefs or other ocean life. Always check the label.

SETT sunscreens don't cause skin irritation because we are 100% mineral. We use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect your skin from then sun.

Our products are vegan friendly apart from our Skin Rash Cream and Face Stick which contain honey and/or beeswax. All other products are vegan suitable.

What users say

Johnny, Surfer & Traveller
Johnny, Surfer & Traveller

"I’m stoked the face stick doesn’t run into my eyes and stays on in the water. The Australian sun is super harsh so you gotta stay protected and SETT certainly does the trick."

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Charlotte, Surfer & Student
Charlotte, Surfer & Student

"I'm always really careful with my skin in the sun and surfing tends to be when I do get burned, but SETT is awesome - it lasted for ages, kept me safe, and I love that it is natural too."

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Mario, Owner of Magic Quiver
Mario, Owner of Magic Quiver

"I've been testing SETT sunscreen and like it very much. Lasts in the water, smells good and feels good on the skin…exactly what you want from a sunscreen for surfers."

Jeremy, Salty Kiwi & Ripping Surfer
Jeremy, Salty Kiwi & Ripping Surfer

"We seshed the Surf Rash Cream heaps, it was good; used it for itchy ant bites too. I get a lot of rash and it was good to have something ready to go to after rashing myself!"

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No ghosting effect

Check out how SETT mineral sunscreen rubs into lighter toned skin.

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no white residue

Watch our short video showing how SETT mineral sunscreen rubs into medium toned skin.

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