Summer Surf in Lisbon - A Photo Essay

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Ok, so technically it has been spring, but with the thermometer pushing the 30 degrees celsius on several occasions now, it sure feels like summer.

Why Lisbon? Well, for one it does have good surf very close by but then throw in cool culture & architecture, friendly people, and how remarkably cheap it is by Western Europe standards, and you come up with a pretty unbeatable option.

If the pics below interest you, you can read more in my Portuguese surf travel guide here too.


When a friend comes to town to surf, and within a couple of hours them landing you find yourself here, you gotta be happy!

Imagine several hundred metres of beach with peaks like this. Welcome to one of many beaches in Portugal.

World Championship Tour event venue 'Supertubos' living up to its name.

This point starts lighting up in the solidly overhead range.

iPhone quality photos don't do justice for how heavy & hollow this break must also forgive me because I was busting to get out there!

Catching a wave...(pun intended)

Early morning sessions delivering the goods, minus the crowds.

There is plenty more where this came from too - I also have some great shots from NZ and Bali recently. Many of these photos have been featured on the SETT Surf Instagram account (@settsurf) but if you would like to see more in this format, please let me know. Would also love to feature any shots you have of waves from all over the world, so feel free to send them to

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