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That one word has an unmatched ability to throw a normally rational human into a hysterical, terrified mess.  Sharks are vilified like in films like Jaws and the stuff of folklore.

Obviously there is something primal at play in the brain telling you to stay well clear of the shark's domain. Often video footage of sharks often portrays them as ruthless hunting machines; those black eyes being a window to a soul-less feeding machine. But, during my thorough analysis and scientific research (through mediums like Discovery Channel), it seems we are now learning how intelligent, calculated and most likely, uninterested in humans, sharks really are.

Nevertheless, shark attacks happen and are horrible for victims, friends and family and the community more generally (not to mention the shark itself if it becomes the target of a witchhunt).

There have been several attempts at solutions so we can all live & play together, and there is high hopes that the most recent might just be a winner. Read on for more info.

Shark Nets; mindlessly killing everything?

Shark Net
Example shark net diagram...not as comprehensive as you may think.
Shark nets are one of the first, and more controversial methods. Personally I was shocked on my first visit to the Gold Coast of Australia to see the shark nets were only covering sporadic sections of beach as opposed to a complete barrier. The nets catch (and kill) some sharks, but there were big gaping wide open sections for them to enter through too. It seemed to me to be mindless killing of the sharks and other marine life, without really achieving the end goal of protecting beachgoers.

Designer wetsuits; Placebo effect?

Shark Repellant Wetsuit
Now you can look like a kook while being attacked by a shark!


You may also have seen the shark repellant wetsuits. To be more accurate, they work by either camouflaging the surfer with the water, or disguising the surfer as something a shark wouldn't want to eat because it may be poisonous. Some people claim they have no impact, while others suggested they may make the wearer even more of a target!

Shark Repellant & Deterrents; the answer?

But, here is the latest tech, and it looks good. I think I may have seen some of the research for this in aforementioned Discovery Channel documentary a few years ago. SharkBanz use the shark's electro-receptors (part of their hunting system if visibility is poor) and send out a magnetic signal which disrupts the shark and deters it from looking closer - Shakbanz claim this is like having a bright light shining in your eyes.

Modom Sharkbanz
Sharkbanz as part of leash, but they can also be worn on the wrist like a watch.


Only time will tell if this is a genuine solution, if sharks adjust (Darwin on steroids style) or if it simply is not effective on sharks as they thought. Cue Public relations nightmare, and what about lawsuits for that matter?!

What do you think - will this new tech work? Should we hunt down sharks, or accept that we are in their domain and be mindful of the associated risks?

Thanks again - talk soon,

James (Mammoth)

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