2015 Xmas Gift Guide for Surfers

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Hey There Surf Santa!

This is for anyone looking for surf related presents this holiday season (for others or themselves). The list is my top five items on my wishlist, ranging from stocking fillers to the big ticket items that take over 100 Elf hours to produce (I would imagine).

In the interest of openness and transparency, I want to provide a Disclaimer – I have not been paid to talk about these items (although, any offers will be welcomed)…but there is one item where I have a vested interest in, I am sure you can figure that one out yourself.

Here we go - The top 5...

1 – View From a Blue Moon

The hype around John John Florence’s feature film has been massive, and it looks to be justified. Snow fans will be familiar with the work the team at Brain Farm have done on Travis Rice’s films like ‘The Art of Flight’ and although the super slow-mo can become a bit tedious, it is hard to deny how impressive it is. If a comparison can be made, John John has similar abilities as Travis to deliver “What the ^&%!” edits which will keep people begging for more. If the trailer is anything to go by, this will be an absolute doozy. Available now on iTunes, I want to see this in my stocking on the morning of the 25th…

2 – Trim Hawaii Magazine

I just received the latest issue and it is simply beautiful (as per…). Matt and the team at Trim take absolute pride in their work, and the end result is a masterpiece that is a cut above mainstream surf magazines. If you are looking for unique stories, breathtaking imagery and a pride in workmanship all bundled up by a small independent publisher, then be sure to get your hands on Trim Hawaii.

3 – Eco Friendly Surfboards 

Ever wondered what the impact of your foam and glass materials within your surfboard have on the planet (both during production and once we have finished riding waves with them)? Think about it, the toxic fumes shapers have to deal with is just one clue this stuff isn’t ideal…

Thankfully, some clever and talented people are working on the answers. You may have seen Firewire Surfboards have teamed up with Sustainable Surf for an eco board certification which I applaud, but I am even more excited by some grass roots level work I have seen. Not only are wooden boards better for the environment, they are also works of art in themselves, and you can even be walked through making it yourself in a workshop – sounds epic to me! Check out Otter Surfboards, and the upcoming Veer Surf for more information.

4 – Organic Surf Wax

Ever wondered what goes into surf wax? Turns out that as good as it smells, it is often filled with junk including petroleum bases…But there is a natural alternative that uses beeswax and coconut oil. Check out Wave Tribe for Eco Surf wax delievered around the globe (as well as many other eco surf goodies) as well as the dudes at Stinger Surf who are helping save the bees which are a critical part of nature’s ecosystem.

5  - SETT Surf Rash Cream

Just a cheeky little bit of self promotion, but lets face it, surf rash is horrible and something those who suffer from it would do anything to get rid of. There are only a couple of days left in the Kickstarter, so click here now to ensure you dont miss out on limited Kickstarter only deals. It wont arrive in time for Christmas, but I am sure an 'IOU no more surf rash' would suffice in the meantime.

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