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Oh it's such a perfect day...

The word perfect is thrown around a fair bit between surfers in the context of conditions; wind, swell angle, sandbanks and so on. This time however, Owen Wright has surfed the perfect contest.

Normally I wouldn’t get too excited about a World Surf League contest; I love watching the world’s best competitive surfers, in great locations, with overly-enthusiastic commentators streaming live on my laptop, and I also love random clips from free surfers living the dream in exotic locations that cut the excess out into all action footage. But no matter which side of the contest surfer, freesurfer or any other type of surfer, argument you fall on - you have to love this.
What happened at the contest?

For those of you stuck in a hole underground, Owen Wright took out the 2015 Fiji Pro at Cloudbreak in sublime fashion. He beat Julian Wilson in the final posting two perfect 10 rides for a perfect 20 score. Poor Julian only managed 7.84 in the final, which was a little anticlimactic after some inspired backhand tube riding of his own in the earlier rounds. Just a day earlier, in Round 5, Adam Melling had also suffered the same fate as Julian, when Owen rode two waves to perfection for the maximum possible heat score of 20.
What is even scarier, is that if the top three rides were counted towards the final score in those heats, Owen’s scores (out of a theoretical, 30 points) would have been 28.93 in Round 5 and a whopping 29.60 in the final.
Why is this big news? The perfect heat scores of 20 points were only the 7th and 8th times consecutively this has happened in professional surfing history. Years have passed between perfect heats in the past; yet these two were surfed within 24 hours of each other, by the same surfer, and one of them was in a final.
Whats more, all of this was after Owen scrapped his way out of Round 2 with a 10.10 to beat wildcard Aritz Aranburu who could only muster 9.03. Fancy that.
Congratulations on the win Owen, well played sir.
See the videos for yourself!
For those of you who missed the action, here are my pick of the best waves from the contest, as surfed by Kelly SlaterJulian WilsonJoel Parkinson, and of course, Owen Wright’s four perfect 10s.
For all the highlights, go to
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