Predictions For The Surfing World in 2016

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Hey there Surf Phychic,


To kick off 2016, I thought I would make some predictions about how I believe the year will pan out in the world of surfing. Some of these are intentionally controversial in order to play devil’s advocate, and I would love to hear your thoughts on these too.

My crystal ball tells me that...

The World Tour will be dominated by Brazillians.

When I say dominated, I mean that after Pipeline in December, Gabriel Medina, Filipe Toledo, Adriano De Souza and Italo Ferreira will have secured Brazillian 1,2,3 finishes between them. Actually, add Wiggoly Dantas to the the mix too – that guy impresses me.

As much as I would love to see John John, Jordy, Julian (3 J’s?) or Owen as World Champ, I think the potent mix of talent and pure competitive drive the Brazillian’s have will make them a force. You have to remember how young some of these guys are too, so there is likely many more years of this to come.

Surfboard Shapes will change for the first time in several decades.

I am talking primarily about shortboards, and the stub nose shape board which Tomo & Firewire have used for sometime. I think these will become far more common, and the key indicator is Kelly Slater. His new board company Kelly Slater Designs  will be selling one, and rightly or wrongly, that ensures many will be sold. But more than that, I think it is a continuation of an existing trend; for the last few years, boards have got shorter and slightly fatter at the nose – the stub nose is the next natural step from that. I’m calling biggest design change across the sport since boards were given thin, pointy noses.

Wavepools will (sadly) become part of the professional circuit.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the contest at Surf Snowdonia, but the surf media sure did, and consequently, I am sure the sponsors did too. Expect more of these competitions in the very near future.

The only bright spot here, is the potential for surfing to be an Olympic spot in 2020, using wave pool technology. I say bright spot as it offers the opportunity for surfing’s finest tuned and hardest working athletes to get top tier recognition and represent their countries on the biggest stage.

The Oceans will deteriorate at an increasingly scary rate, but help is on the way.

I am no scientist, so take this with a grain of salt – here is my view. As much as we know humans are damaging the environment, and some people are making meaningful changes, I fear the majority still don’t know (or care?!). What concerns me the most is that this is unprecedented, so we don’t exactly know how the planet will react (recover or not) or how bad it could get before it improves.

I do believe however, that necessity is the mother of all invention, and rather than a doomsday prediction, I hope this is a call to arms. I love seeing the likes of The Seabin Project who have great solutions to some of the biggest problems. I salute you.

Surfing will continue to be your muse.

Oh yes – I couldn’t resist but finish on this note. You and I (and especially this guy) know the indescribable qualities that being in the ocean surfing brings. In a world of constant change, I am incredibly thankful that the same feeling of stoke is shared by us all with every wave we catch.

Amen to that.

What do you think of these predictions; am I right or horribly wrong? What else will happen in the world of surfing this year? Let everyone know in the comments section below.

Thanks – Talk soon,


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