2016 Surfer Xmas Gift Guide

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Surfer (...or you!)

With the holidays fast approaching it is time think about gifts for your loved ones (or even just more surf gear for yourself). Here are some cool and original ideas I have found that can improve a surfer’s experience in and out of the water, as well as maybe helping the planet along the way - check em’ out!

Wetsuits – The Cheap Option

Basic Surfing Wetsuit

No logos, no flashy stuff just a premium, high performing, all black wetsuit for a fraction of the cost of the better known branded wetsuits.

Price: €185 (for a 4/3)



Wetsuits – The Environmentally Friendly Option

Patagonia Wetsuit

Oil based neoprene is bad for our planet but was the only way to make wetsuits...until now. Patagonia has taken the lead by changing their neoprene to a plant based material called Yulex, and the result is great! Whats more, these guys donated all $10m they earned on Black Friday recently, to environmental groups. Good on ya Patagonia.

Price: $449




Surf Ears

Ear infections and surfer’s ear are nasty realities for many surfers and once you are aware of the consequences you sure don’t want to get into the ocean without ear plugs. An now, by far and away my favourite earplugs have had a make over with version two. SurfEars are without doubt the best plugs you can get and worth every penny; letting sound in and keeping water out, customizable and comfortable. They have an option for swimmers now also.

Price: €59,90



An Asymmetric Surfboard

Asymmetrical Surfboard

Why should surfboard be symmetric when nothing else in surfing is? Album surfboards perform amazingly in the surf and are pretty damn good looking too.

Price: $745



Eco Friendly Boardbag

Wave Tribe Boardbag

Wave tribe makes some of the best boardbags around, ensuring your precious boards are given the first class treatment on your next flight (even if you aren’t…). What’s more, they are made out of hemp; High quality and eco friendly. Stick that in your pipe and schmoke it...not the board bag, more just a turn of phrase...

Price. From $129



Front Deck Traction Pad

Octopus is Real Front Traction Pad

No more forgetting your wax, or slipping on bald spots as Octopus are re-introducing the front deck grip. Yes, lovers of 80's retro revival rejoice, now you too can look like Mikey Wright or Dion Agius. Worried it might give you a rash? No problem, goes great with the surf rash cream from SETT Surf (see below).

Prize: $36.00



Surf Rash Cream

Surf Rash Cream

Surf rash sucks big times, but now there is a solution. This natural cream creates barriers against rubbing, soothe the burn of a surf rash and get you back out enjoying the waves ASAP. It’s also great for sunburns and bug bites too - a must have for the next surf trip away to the tropics. What’s more, its natural and free from petrolatum & paragon, and ideal for sensitive skin.

Price: £17



Paddle Pillow

Paddle Pillow

Lower back pain is a horrible reality for many surfers, but relief is here. Paddle pillow is an inflatable pillow to put inside your wetsuit that will help your paddling and relieve the pain by taking the worst of the weight load from your lower back.

Price: 9,99



Cheers – talk soon,

James (Mammoth)

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