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Nothing stirs our surf fantasies like a quality photo. In an age where everything is filmed and immediately available, the still image somehow manages to focus our attention and imagination in its own unique manner.

While many of us think we are half decent surf photog with our iPhones or maybe even a DSLR, when you see good images, you are reminded of the vast expanse between 'Everyday Joe' and someone who commits themselves to this as a career. One such guy is Luke Dawson, a California native whose shots you have likely seen before on the likes of Surfline, Stab or The Inertia.

Below is a selection of Luke's favourite images he has captured, as well as a little bit of commentary as to what makes them so special to him.

Cue fading away into surfer dreamland; Enjoy...

Anchor Point

"Anchor Point Morocco.  This was the best day I have ever seen at this spot.  Though I did not shoot for long, the time I did I captured some of the most insane photos of this spot.  The sand bottom perfect offering double to triple barrels head to couple feet overhead.  It was also a shot that got published on Stab, Surfline, and Magicseaweed."

Simon Einstein

"Simon Einstein in the honey hole.  Love this photo.  Was extremely lucky to get this last frame which turned out to be the best frame.  Swimming is soo fun I love it but do not own the equipment so every chance I have to use one I take it up as quick as I can.  This was a dreamy day at supertubos in Peniche Portugal."


Spot X

"An unnamed spot from southern california.  This is such an insane wave.  Needs tons of south swell to work then it offers crazy good heavy left barrels with one of the most stunning backdrops."

Cornwall, England

"Cornwall england has a handful of super epic setups.  Only problem is the swell.  This spot is definitely a sick one.  This day was small but perfect to long board.  Rumour has it it holds well over head and barrels."


"Supertubos. What else is there to say the best beachie I have ever surfed.  Pipe-esque take offs into crazy spitting tubes. All over shallow sand steps from the beach."


"The Lisbon barrel express.  Carcavelos.  A crazy good beach break that holds everything thrown at it.  This is the south end which on higher tides wedges off of the castle to create perfect left barrels."

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James 'Mammoth' Marshall

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