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From the 26th until 30th of October, I had the privilege of spending some time with 20 inspiring individuals who are creating products and services for the surf industry. Every one of the people and companies I met at the Surfpreneur Camp blew my mind, so I wanted to share with you some of the cool work these people are doing - who knows, you may already use some of their products!


A selection of the people present:

Surf City Festival

Mac & Idyl run Surf City Festival in Barcelona. Although not known for its surf (they do get waves though, and quite good surf sometimes), Barcelona has a burgeoning surf culture and when more than 5000 people attend a surf festival, something big is happening. the 2017 festival is scheduled for late March, so if you're in the area, be sure to grab your tickets.

SurfCity Festival

Wave Tribe

To me, Derek Dodds is the personification of stoke. Originally from Ojai California, but truly a global surf traveller, Derek was the Mr Miyagi to our Karate Kid at this event as he consistently and openly shared tonnes of his knowledge and experience. Wave Tribe is probably a company you have already heard of; eco friendly surf products with items like deck pads made out of cork, and board bags made from hemp being a couple of the more popular products. Check out his site, even if just for the free travel guides!

Wave Tribe


Christian and Magnus came down from the chilly north European climes and were representing SurfEars. Their company, product and brand exudes quality and I was personally a big fan of their products before we met at the camp. SurfEars earplugs are designed to prevent the damage water and cold can do to our eardrums. The key difference from your usual blue tac or cheap ear plugs and SurfEars is their unique mesh lining which lets sound in but keeps water out...did I mention they are also super comfortable?!


A full list of the Surfpreneur Camp attendees, partners and their businesses can be found on this page here and I would strongly encourage you to check them all out and support them. These people all started these ventures out of their passion for the pastime we all enjoy so much, and their only hope is that they can help you enjoy your surf time even more...I think thats kinda cool. 

Hang on, what is this Surfpreneur Camp thing?

Well - earlier this year I was spending some time in Lisbon at the Surf Office and often I would talk with it's founder Peter Fabor about his company, and he would help me with SETT Surf. We thought that the conversations could only be more valuable and enjoyable with more likeminded individuals, so we reached out to some companies we admire to see if they would be interested. The response was phenomenal, and the resulting event was held over 5 days of talks, masterminds, surfing, and just hanging out with amazing people. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please check out

Cheers – talk soon,

James (Mammoth)

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