Surf Wax Comb - best way to remove wax from your board?

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The wax comb - another surfer's ally

Aside from SETT high SPF mineral sunscreen :-) another surfer's ally is the extremely useful wax comb. 

Used for making sure the wax on your board is evenly spread to provide enough traction as well as for the removal of wax (if you value your eyebrows and don't fancy playing with a heat gun). They have a jagged/toothed edge for roughing up the wax to give you good traction and a straight/angled edge which is handy for wax removal.

SETT's new wax combs are just in! Made from bamboo and large enough to make the job easier - there are too many little tiny combs out there which make the job take way longer.

SETT natural bamboo Surf Wax Comb


How our new wax comb can help you:

  • Keep your wax on your board - comb/jagged teeth to texturise wax, and roughen up bald spots.
  • Clean up excess wax - flat/sharper edge for scraping excess wax off your board. 
  • Safer than using a heat gun to remove wax - you won't be risking your eyebrows!
  • Always have it when you need it - there's hole for string tie to keep it close to your board, keys or wherever you want.
  • Big enough to grip tightly to make the job of roughing up or removing wax easier - 10cm x 8cm
  • No nasty plastic waste in the ocean - our bamboo wax comb is all natural!

Removing wax from your board

There are several ways. Some surfers find it easiest to just cover their boards with sand and leave them for a bit. The sand loosens the wax from your board. Then wipe the board with the sand that was covering it. It's a good way to remove the wax as long as you dispose of the waxy sandy leftovers in a bin and not on the beach. But not everyone wants to clean their board at the beach and I don't know many people who keep a load of sand in buckets at home for this purpose. 

Alternatively you could use a heat gun to melt the wax. But it's messy and you'll need gloves and a thick rag to wipe it off. Plus who carries a heat gun round with them? Come to think of it, who actually owns a heat gun?

The simplest and easiest solution is the SETT wax comb. Start with running the jagged edge down the board to start lifting the wax and then use the straight, angled edge to scrape it away. Be thorough and make sure there's no wax left on your board as it can cause issues when you apply wax next time.


bamboo Natural SETT wax comb wood

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