Comprehensive Surfer Gift Guide - Christmas 2018

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'It's the most wonderful time of the year...'

I dont know about you but while I am stoked on Christmas, finding presents for everyone can be challenging; trying to rack your brain for gifts that will be better than some of Uncle Bob's designer socks...Don't fret, this guide is here to help no matter the price, from $10 to over $1000.

If you're looking for a gift for a surfer in your life, or simply procrastinating at work and figuring out what your next personal surf related purchase will be, this guide has you covered. The purchases have been categorised, and price indications given, but if you want more information, click the link through to the site (disclaimer, I don't get ANY money for this, I just think they are cool products).

 Happy Holidays Ya'll...

For the reader - Trim Hawaii Surf Magazine ($40 USD for three issues)

Trim Magazine

Documenting stories from the ageless sea, trim is the Hawaiian islands premiere surf culture print  magazine. focused on the art, history and culture of he’e nalu in hawaii, trim is a bilingual publication printed three times a year.


The gourmet option - Organic Dynamic Surfboards (from $1200 NZD)

Organic Dynamic Surfboards

Organic Dynamic make custom surfboards for local surfers from locally sourced, Environmentally friendly materials. We like to experiment with traditional shapes and materials to produce functional surfcraft for recreational surfers.


The tropical getaway - Costa Rica Surf Travel Company (price varies)

Costa Rica Surf Travel Company was created in 1999 to help surfers in Costa Rica find the best place to surf, to help travelers plan their trip, and to keep them informed of news and upcoming events. We have published well over 900 surf reports and forecasts, and helped thousands of surfers and their families with their vacations.


The smooth operator - Agua De Surf (€117 EUR)

Agua De Surf

23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean - Eau de parfum unisex.

North Atlantic ozonic molecules meekly touch your skin. Plankton streams crash violently against majestic statues carved with cedar wood. Adventures of overseas species that invade the depth of your being leave an everlasting mark. The brave sun and the subtlety of the gentle sea breeze. Ultimately, trying to describe this perfume is like trying to describe what it feels like to ride a wave.


The hemp alternative - Wave Tribe board bags (from $239 USD)

Wave Tribe Hemp Boardbag

Surf products made with hemp & recycled materials that are better for the planet. We use hemp because it's a great alternative to plastic and it is a fabulous eco textile. Wave Tribe started using hemp in 2007, before the cool kids got to it (hehe).


The innovative traction - Van Der Waal (from €30 EUR)

Van Der Waal Surf Grip


It's a clear non-skid alternative to surf wax, easy to install and with almost no maintenance. It’s white transparent which means that your surfboard will always look like new, and doesn’t melt, so your board will never stain other surfaces it comes in touch with, such as your surfboard bag, your car or your clothes. And it doesn’t get sticky or dirty it's always clean.


The money, and planet saver - Smart Leash Co (from $18 AUD)

Smart Leash Co

Smart Leash Co products are designed with a minimalist ethos.  Our products are 100% interchangeable with those of other major brands.  By swapping out broken parts of your old leashes with new Smart Leash Co premium parts, you are not only giving your leash extra life, but you are saving money and reducing landfill. If your leash breaks, chances are we can help you reuse the remaining parts.


The roady - Boardsox (from $79 AUD)


Owning Boardsox® isn't just about protecting your Surfboard from dings and scratches while travelling from destination to destination. It really is more than that it's about shredding as well as having that creative flair and is passionate about our ocean environment! With every purchase, we give 10% of the profits to Sea Shepard, Surfrider Foundation and Action for Dolphins!


The protector - Surfears 2.0 ($59.95 USD)


SurfEars, earplugs that let sound in and keep water out. They come with changeable parts in different sizes that allow you to customize them for your ears in order to find a comfortable and secure fit.


The necessity SETT Sunscreen (from £6 to £25 each GBP)

SETT Natural Sunscreen for Surfers

Natural, high performance skincare; designed for surfers, suitable for everyone. Much of what goes on our skin will be absorbed into the bloodstream, and some will end up in the environment around us. As such, SETT insists on not using ingredients that may cause harm to human health or the environment but rather natural & certified organic ingredients as much as possible. Click this link here, and you'll get a free lip balm with your order too (add it to your cart, and you automatically will not be charged at the checkout).

And there you have it, Christmas sorted! So go and grab your items, enjoy the holidays with friends and family, and sneak in some waves while you're at it.

See you out there,

James (Mammoth) Marshall

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