Surfers ear can ruin any surf, and more - this guy is fixing that

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Christian Dittrich is the founder and CEO of Ear Labs, a company from Sweden which is behind SurfEars, a popular product for surfers.

Those of you with Surfers ear will know how much of a pain it can be in and out of the water, and how ineffective traditional earplugs can be at helping. Water blocking your ear, painful infections, not being able to hear the stoke of your friends or the crash of waves around you are just some of the symptoms of surfers ear.

Luckily, Christian has developed Surfears to help you protect your ears, keep them healthy, and continue to enjoy the full surfing experience. You have probably seen them in your local surf shop too.

This podcast interview is from a side project of mine called the Surfpreneurs, a community of entrepreneurs with surf and lifestyle businesses.

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In this podcast interview, Peter and Christian discuss:

  • Christian’s story from working at Nokia to starting a product design agency Frankly

  • What surfers ear is, how it develops and what people usually do about it
  • The first SurfEars prototype

  • Other ear-related products for swimmers and DJs

  • External investment

  • Building distribution in retail


See you out there,

James (Mammoth) Marshall

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