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5 Must Haves for your Tropical Surf Trip

Heading to the tropics for a surf trip soon? Lucky you! However, there is nothing, nothing, worse than going on that epic trip you saved all year for, and looked forward to for even longer, only for something avoidable ruin it. You can never be 100% sure, but you can plan to mitigate the obvious ones, so here are some tips to make sure you’re prepared to hit the ground running (surfing). Sun protection: Image courtesy of Given. Non-debatable. A must have. I don’t think I need to explain this one, its 2016 and we all know how bad over exposure to the sun's harmful rays is for our skin and greater health. You can still get your daily Vitamin D hit even...

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Summer Surf in Lisbon - A Photo Essay

Ok, so technically it has been spring, but with the thermometer pushing the 30 degrees celsius on several occasions now, it sure feels like summer. Some of you may be aware that since sending out Kickstarter rewards, I have based myself out of Lisbon. Why? Well, for one it has more surf than London, but then throw in cool culture & architecture, friendly people, and how remarkably cheap it is by Western Europe standards, and you come up with a pretty unbeatable option. Whilst I have been here predominantly working on building SETT, I have managed to get some waves in, and there have been a couple of great sessions in particular at Carcavelos, one of the closest beaches to...

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We are Killing our Oceans

As surfers, we should be the ocean’s equivalent of the canary down the mine; if the ocean isn’t healthy, it will probably be dirty, or smelly or something that will turn us off. Changes in surfer behaviour as a result of poor water quality, should immediately raise alarms. It is already happening in California where guidelines state to stay out of the water for up to 3 days after rain. At my home surfbreak in New Zealand, there have been reports of human faeces floating in the lineup (heartbreaking, I know...). In Morocco I saw, and could smell, raw effluent flowing freely into a lineup of perfect a-frame peaks; this evaporated my stoke levels and kept me on dry land. Infamously, Bali sees shocking scenes of rubbish lined barrels on an...

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