The Best Summer Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

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Finally, summer is almost here! It's the season of sunshine, beach days, and gorgeous swimwear. With it comes a whole host of changes. Think warmer weather, longer days, and of course, a shift in our daily routines.

The summer heat and humidity tend to make our skin oilier, which can lead to acne breakouts and congested pores, especially if you love hanging out by the pool. These are just a few reasons why it's important to modify your skincare routine and cater to the changing seasons. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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Below are some tips for crafting the best summer skincare regimen for oily skin.

1.    Keep your skin moisturized.

Yes, you still need to apply moisturizer even if the summer heat already makes your skin oily. The simple explanation is that without receiving proper moisture, your skin will overproduce sebum. So, don’t skip moisturizer. Just switch to a water-based formula that won’t leave your skin looking and feeling greasy. Remember that lightweight moisturizer also tends to work best with skin types that are oily all year round.

Speaking of moisture, don’t forget to hydrate your body through your diet. In other words, bring your flask with you everywhere, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Your mandatory “eight glasses” of water a day don’t all have to come from a glass. Watermelons, strawberries, cucumber, and peaches are just some of the water-rich fruits you can feast on to increase your water intake.

2.    Don’t overwash your face.

Your skin is a barrier that protects you from all kinds of environmental toxins and pollutants. It’s made up of different layers, each with its own special role in keeping your skin fresh and hydrated. But if you wash your face too often in the summer, you could do more harm than good. That’s because you’ll strip your skin of its natural oils. When this happens, your skin panics and produces even more oil to compensate. This can leave you with a face shinier than you would like. So, instead of washing your face every hour, stick to a gentle cleansing routine that won’t dry out your skin – or use blotting papers.

3.    Carry blotting papers.

If you’re worried about your skin getting too oily from walking outside, blotting papers are your best friend. Tap these small papers on your T-zone and other shiny-looking parts of your skin to get rid of excess sebum. Even the stickiness will be gone in an instant. Just make sure not to overuse them so you won’t trigger sebum overproduction.

4.    Exfoliate carefully.

Exfoliating your skin twice a week is a must for removing dead skin cells and other impurities that are clogging your pores. Summers are usually filled with so many outings and physical activities, so it would be wise to keep exfoliation in your routine. However, be sensitive to your skin’s needs. You can exfoliate just once a week if you notice dryness.

5.    Apply and reapply sunscreen.

Though sunscreen should be part of your everyday skincare regimen, it becomes even more important when you get constantly exposed to the sun. Besides applying sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen bottle and reapply every two hours. Using mineral sunscreen is ideal for oily skin because it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.


For more protection, limit your exposure to the sun, especially during the peak hours of midday to early afternoon. Additionally, wear a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.

6.    Start using toner.

In case toner isn’t one of your skincare essentials, make sure you add it to your summer regimen. Toner soothes the skin and shrinks your pores to help control oil production. Plus, toner is really good at unclogging pores. Since you’re bound to apply lots of sunscreen  For best results, find a toner that contains witch hazel. This ingredient refines enlarged pores and removes excess oil from your face.

7.    Use non-comedogenic makeup.

Emollients, including fats, oils, and silicones, help make your skin soft and smooth.  They’re usually found in creams, lotions, and makeup products. They are also usually good for you – but they are likely to lead to excessive sebum production during the summer. So, go for non-comedogenic makeup that won’t clog your pores instead.

8.    Try micellar water.

Breakouts are common in the summer. Luckily, using micellar water helps you rid your skin of the extra oil, sweat, and dirt that builds up in your pores. The best part is that micelle molecules work without the need for rinsing or rubbing because they lift away impurities from your skin.

Welcome the summer with a new skincare routine

Don’t let the threat of sweat and heat stop you from making the most of your summer vacation! Instead, upgrade your skincare regimen by using a lightweight moisturizer, toner, and micellar water. Carry sunscreen and blotting papers in your purse, too. Last but definitely not least, bring a spare bottle of your favorite mineral sunscreen.

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