Bamboo surf wax comb lying on the sand next to a tree branch.
Sett Surf Wax Comb made from bamboo
Bamboo surf wax comb lying on a blue beach towel.
Bamboo surf wax comb reverse side.

Bamboo Surf Wax Comb

I know you care for your board just as much as your body, so it makes sense to look after it too! Keep your board in great condition with this sturdy, large sized, bamboo surf wax comb. Made from natural bamboo so it's kinder to the environment.

How it helps you:

  • Keep your wax on your board; comb teeth to texturise wax, and roughen up bald spots.
  • Clean up excess wax; flat edge for scraping excess wax off your board.
  • Always have it when you need it; hole for string tie to keep it close to your board, keys or wherever you want.
  • No nasty plastic waste in the ocean; bamboo wax comb is all natural!