About SETT


SETT was inspired and developed by a surfer. Born out of a need to protect himself whilst surfing and being outdoors. 

The catalyst for SETT was a crippling surf rash he suffered on a dream holiday in Hawaii, but couldn't find a solution; so he created one. With the help of SETT's Kickstarter backers, SETT Surf Rash Cream came to life in 2016. Since then natural mineral sunscreen, face stick and a lip balm have been added to the product range.

Rolling on ... in early 2020 after working in an office for years and not really loving it, I was looking for a new project that would resonate with my love of the ocean and concern for the environment and was lucky enough to come across SETT.  I feel privileged to have taken over the reins of this company and will do my utmost to prove to the company's founder James 'Mammoth' Marshall that in handing over SETT to me he did a good thing.   

My continuing wish is that SETT can help take care of you and the ones you love while you enjoy life and being outdoors.  So whatever outdoor activity you love (and that does include sunbathing on a beach!), protect your skin with SETT.

Read more about why SETT's products are naturally better, here.

Registered Address

SETT Surf Limited, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom.