Recycle with us

SETT sunscreens come in tubes, aluminium bottles and pouches.  Our bottles and pouches are refillable, reusable and now completely recyclable because we have partnered with recycling company Enval to ensure that our sunscreen packaging is 100% recycled in the UK. 

Logo for recycling company Enval

Enval's Recycling Process

Using a unique process called "microwave-induced pyrolosis",  Enval make previously unrecyclable plastic fully recyclable. They hope to change the perception of plastic and support the circular economy with their cutting-edge technology.
Their pioneering technology enables the recycling of plastic aluminium laminates (like our pouches) by using a pyrolysis solution capable of handling low-density packaging waste. The process is clean, efficient and economical for both post-consumer and industrial waste.

Send your SETT packaging back to us

When you've finished with your sunscreen pouch or tube, send it to the address below.  We gather them altogether and send them to Enval who recycle all of it. So you can rest assured that none of it will end up in landfill.  Here's the address:

SETT Surf Ltd
P.O Box 5547
BA12 2DQ  

For more information on Enval's innovative recycling technology visit

reduce, reuse and recycle with SETT