Testimonials: What Surf Rash Cream Does & Why

Natural Surf Rash Relief; Soothe The Burn & Enjoy Every Surf

Reviews - What do surfers think?

For one, product testing (surfing) is a pure joy

JJ Testimonial

"...Bro, my armpit rash has almost gone despite surfing bareback again today...it has not got worse, even better!...So you can have confidence it's better than that Aussie Pawpaw."

JJ - American born Kiwi, now living in Bali

Matt Luttrell

"...I get a nasty little rash from my wetsuit top when I'm surfing a lot, so I like to use SETT Surf Rash Cream to help it feel better, and I think it makes it heal faster."

Matt Luttrell - Editor & Founder of Trim Hawaii Magazine


"We sessioned the cream heaps and it was great; used it for itchy ant bites too! I get alot of rash and it was good to have something to put on after rashing the s*!t out of myself"

Jeremy Pooley

The best after-surf cream to reduce the sensitisation & redness, and keep your skin in great condition

Thoroughly Tested
Using only high quality, natural ingredients, SETT Surf Rash Cream was tested on surfers (not animals). What's more, it was developed to strict European Union regulatory standards, regarded as the toughest in the world, so you know it is a premium quality product.
SETT Surf Lineup
 By a surfer, for surfers
I had this problem, which is why I wanted to help surfers by providing a purpose built, natural solution that works. This product is developed with surfing in mind, from the delicate mix of ingredients that sink into the skin, to the easy squeeze (but HUGE 100ml) tube, designed for quick application and ease of travel...You can use it on sunburn, dry or chapped skin, and more, too!
Surf Rash