SETT Surf's Story

A nightmare holiday experience, research lessons, crowdfunding excitement, and a new venture!

It all started in Hawaii...

Surf rash is really not cool

During the holiday of a lifetime to Hawaii, I suffered from surf rash. Within a couple of days, it was unbearable, and ruined my time in and out of the water. I searched the shops of Oahu for a solution, but was told to use nappy rash cream and other petrol based (and slippery) work arounds; I knew these weren't designed for surfers, and didn't expect them to help.

...And continued after the holiday...

An idea to fruition; SETT Surf was born

Not only were other surfers having the same problem, they were crying out for a solution.

Through research I learned a number of factors weaken the skin and enable surf rash, including repeated friction as well as exposure to salt water, wind and sun. I decided the best answer was to maintain skin in great condition for defence and recovery. I wanted surfers to be able to enjoy every surf, and look after their biggest organ (their skin), using natural ingredients.

Through trial and error (and there were some seriously smelly, horrible errors) I worked on developing a purpose built solution.

A community of surfers​; it's all for you

Surfers from all over the world tested samples to provide feedback, and the response was fantastic. This community then helped fund the first production run of SETT Surf Rash cream, via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, in December 2015. I committed to SETT Surf full time, and a lifelong dream of a surf company that helps surfers, started coming to fruition.

The one and only SETT Surf

Skincare for the unique needs of surfers​

It turns out that this blue tube of goodness is not only great for surf rash, but also a host of other issues surfers face from their time in the elements; sunburn, windburn, dry salty skin, itchy bug bites and more - this is the ONLY after-surf cream you need!

Surf Rash Cream is now available online, and in select stores, as well as Bamboo Wax combs and T-shirts. I am also working on natural sunscreen at the moment to help even more surfers, and I would love for you to join us on this journey so sign up to SETT News, or simply send an email to - it'd be great to hear from you!