Want to stock SETT products in your store?

Stocking SETT mineral sunscreen and natural skin protection products in your store couldn't be easier.

Step 1: Review the range

Review our range of products by clicking here.  Our sunscreens are 100% mineral and don't use chemicals which irritate the skin and harm aquatic life. Refill and plastic free stores - we have a range of packaging also from non plastic aluminium bottles and refillable pouches to traditional tubes.

SETT sunscreen contains natural ingredients    

Step 2: Select your products

Once you've seen what you like, email jane@settsurf.com for wholesale prices.

SETT sunscreen is reef and ocean safe

Step 3: Place an order

Place your order with SETT.  You have a few options here:

Email us at jane@settsurf.com and tell us what you want, we'll send you a pro forma invoice and get your order sorted as soon as payment is received.

Do you use Faire.com?  If not, you can get up to £300 of free SETT product until 1st June 22.  Simply register with Faire using the exclusive link below. 


Plus you'll get free shipping and 60 days to pay!  Remember, this deal is only available via the link  settsurf.faire.com.

Any questions? Contact us at Jane@settsurf.com