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Natural, high-performance skincare; designed for surfers, suitable for everyone

SETT's products are a cut above everyone else and the tile images below are the fastest way to see why we are so proud of our products.

You probably already know that cheap chemical based sunscreen can be dangerous for you and the environment, but we want you to be informed and make up your own mind. So, further below, we have provided some explanations, answered some of your key questions, and provided you with links to external information sources.

Read on to find out how & why SETT is superior to low quality, cheaper, chemical based alternatives and why you should never cut corners with your skincare.




Much of what goes on our skin will be absorbed into the bloodstream, and some will end up in the environment around us. As such, SETT insists on not using ingredients that may cause harm to human health or the environment but rather natural & certified organic ingredients as much as possible.

Why is Natural better for me?

In our SPF products, we use the mineral blocker Zinc Oxide (non-nano particle, of course) which sits on top of your skin to reflect the sun’s rays off of your skin entirely.

This is very different to cheaper chemical blockers which most sunscreen companies use. These chemical blockers actually absorb into your skin, and breakdown the harsh sunlight as it enters your body. This means that the sun may still damage upper layers of your skin, but also the chemicals can find their way into your bloodstream. For example, there is evidence that Oxybenzone, a sunscreen chemical commonly used by other companies, may cause hormone disruption in humans. What's more, our SPF 30 sunscreen lotion is preservative free too.

For more information on all sunscreen ingredients and the potential dangers to human health, we recommend you visit The Environmental Working Group's summary, here.

Why is Natural better for the environment?

Any sunscreen you wear, eventually will come off of your body (other than some chemicals which may be partially absorbed into your bloodstream, as above). So when you go surfing, some sunscreen will be washed off into the ocean which is why you need to reapply every two hours to ensure adequate protection.

Some sunscreen chemicals like Octinoxate are now known to bleach coral reefs, so much so that Hawaii has started banning certain sunscreens with these dangerous chemical blockers. SETT’s policy is to avoid these ingredients if there might be a risk to either human or ocean health.


It is a scary thought that skin cancer is one of the most common, yet also most preventable diseases of today.

As surfers, the sun is just one element that batters our skin — our largest and most exposed organ — often on a daily basis. So not only do SETT’s products need to protect but they need to do so in the howling wind and crashing waves; this is a non-negotiable. 

SPF Levels and what they mean

SPF 30 provides you with ‘High Protection’ the strongest protection level and associated wording allowed to be used in sunscreen marketing by European Union regulation. This has been tested and proven to stop 97% of harmful UVB rays which cause the painful red sunburn, while in comparison, SPF 50 will stop 98% (definitely not close to double the protection!). Beware, SPF levels on measure protection from UVB rays, not UVA which we now know can also cause cancer, and long term skin damage.

So, it is good to know that SETT's non-nano Zinc blockers ensure broad spectrum cover from both UVB and UVA rays.

Read more about protecting yourself and those you love from the sun in SETT's Sun Protection Guide.

Water Resistance Testing

SETT's water resistance has been tested up to four hours, and was proven to still provide adequate protection to meet regulatory requirements. But it is recommended to reapply your sunscreen at least every two hours, especially if you are in the water, sweating, or toweling off. 



Whilst designed for surfers, this is the perfect skincare for everyone including children, those with sensitive skin and anyone wanting to look after their largest organ. Any why wouldn’t you? During development and testing SETT’s products not only needed to be effective, and high performing but also an absolute pleasure to use.

No more stinging eyes. No more hard, thick, funny coloured paste on your face. Just reliable skincare that feels, smells, and looks good.

Enjoy it for yourself.


Sun protection factor (SPF) products must undergo rigorous and comprehensive testing before it can be sold to consumers. Australia is known for having the most demanding requirements on the effectiveness of sun protection, and the EU has the most demanding requirements on other ingredients that may harm human health (preservatives, emulsifiers etc).

SETT is proud to meet the world’s toughest regulation across Australia and the EU, so provide you with products you can trust. 


SETT's formulas are thick & substantial. So while a little goes a long way, you should always apply plenty, and reapply often. 

Most people don’t use enough sunscreen in order to achieve the full level of protection; Industry bodies recommend using 6 shot glasses worth to cover an entire grown adult’s body. Also make sure you reapply at least every two hours, or more often if you are in the water, sweating or toweling off.

The Zinc lotion and face sticks are likely to leave a visible white layer which you can use to see where you have applied the sunscreen and any missing patches. This whitening is primarily because of using non-nano Zinc Oxide as a mineral blocker on top of the skin (not a chemical blockers that sinks into the skin) so you should see this effect with all natural sunscreens, not just SETT. 

For our After Surf and Surf Rash Cream products, you will know when your skin needs more - if it soaks in super fast, your body is asking you for more of the natural goodness to help it stay in prime condition.