Why choose SETT?


You probably already know that cheap, chemical based sunscreen can be dangerous for you and the environment, but we want you to be informed and make up your own mind. 

SETT is superior to low quality, cheaper, chemical based alternatives and why you should never cut corners with your skincare.

We also have a full guide to natural sunscreen, which includes

  1. What a good sunscreen does, including how you can read and understand the label
  2. The difference between natural and chemical sunscreens 
  3. A six point checklist to help you find the best sunscreen for you & your loved ones

Click here to check out the guide. or enjoy it for yourself now.



SETT's formulas are thick & substantial. So while a little goes a long way, you should always apply plenty, and reapply often. 

Most people don’t use enough sunscreen in order to achieve the full level of protection so don't skimp when applying it - more is better. Also make sure you reapply at least every two hours, or more often if you are in the water, sweating or after towelling off.

SETT sunscreens and face stick may leave a very slight visible white layer on darker skin tones, although it won't leave you looking like a ghost! This is because of using non-nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as the mineral blockers on top of the skin (not a chemical blocker that sinks into the skin) so you may see this effect with all natural sunscreens, not just SETT. 

For our Skin Rash Cream, you will know when your skin needs more - if it soaks in super fast, your body is asking you for more of the natural goodness to help it stay in prime condition.