Natural Lip Balm, SPF 20 (4.8gm) *New branding*

Natural Lip Balm, SPF 20 (4.8gm) *New branding*

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Keep your lips in prime condition; crafted for everyday use with natural ingredients and providing SPF 20 sun protection. Avoid painful, cracked lips and keep them moisturised with this lip balm. Pair with SETT Clear Face Stick before every surf.

This is the daily ritual to keep your lips in tip top shape


  • Broad spectrum (UVA & UVB) protection
  • Natural, organic SPF 20 sun protection
  • Vitamin E for moisturising your lips
  • Paraben free & allergen free
  • Developed to strict regulatory standards

Perfect for:

  • Sensitive skin (tick)
  • Children (tick)
  • Young at heart (tick)
  • Those who want to protect themselves (tick)