Surf Rash Cream (100ml) *New branding*

Surf Rash Cream (100ml) *New branding*

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Soothe the burn, and enjoy every surf. Every surfer knows, and fears the dreaded surf rash, but fear no more with this unique and powerful mixture. designed specifically, and naturally to combat surf rash, including Manuka Honey, Seaweed, Pawpaw, Coconut Oil and more. Suitable for children and sensitive skin also Always use SETT SPF 30 Zinc lotion if you will be out in the sun.


  • Natural, organic skincare
  • Reduce redness & sensitisation of surf rash
  • Child safe formula
  • Paraben free & allergen free
  • Developed to strict regulatory standards

This is the pre-surf ritual to enjoy every surf

Perfect for:

  • Sensitive skin (tick)
  • Children (tick)
  • Young at heart (tick)
  • Those who want to protect themselves (tick)